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Help, I've been told that I have vaginismus

Dear Sh! I've just been told I have something called vaginismus. I've spent years wondering why I couldn't have proper sex with boyfriends (and usually getting dumped because of it). I've never heard of vaginismus before, and it sounds pretty bad!

I was told to get myself a dilating kit for vaginismus treatment.

Can you help?


Hi there, 

Vaginismus is actually pretty common, and every year we have hundreds of women coming through our doors who also have the same condition.

Vaginismus is a condition where the muscles in and around the vagina go into spasm.

This makes intercourse either very painful and difficult, or even impossible. Vaginismus is usually seen as having psychological roots, so working to "repair" yourself physically and addressing any psychological issues about sex you may have lurking deep down (whatever they are and wherever they may have come from) is the best way forward. Above all, don't despair!

Vaginismus is something you can conquer with just a tiny bit of self-discipline.

There are few vaginismus dilating kits available. A standard hard plastic dilating kit, which is often prescribed for vagisismus, can look & feel very "medical". Because of this, we developed our vaginismus dilating kit, which we call the Sh! Training Kit.

It is made up of 4 vibrators, graded in size like standard vaginismus dilating kit

Starting from very small and slim and progressing to larger and wider - all in pretty pink and purple colours! The advantage of using vibrators instead of non-vibrating dilators for vaginismus treatment is that the vibrations will also help to relax your muscles, and you can have fun stimulating your labia and clit at the same time. Compliance is usually the problem with the whole dilating issue - but if you have a great little vibe to encourage  you, you're  much more likely to pick it up and use it.

The most important thing is to try not to despair or give up on yourself - vaginismus is beatable!

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